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Pièces Staunton sheesham (taille 5)

Ces pièces d'échecs en buis et sheesham, plombées-feutrées conviennent à un échiquier dont les cases mesurent 50 mm de côté.

€123.97 Price

Échiquier souple n°3 (cases 40 mm)

Échiquier en vinyle souple vert ou marron n°3, lettré-chiffré, avec cases de 40 mm.

(Préciser la couleur souhaitée dans le champ commentaire)



€5.04 Price

Carnet de parties

Joli carnet broché pouvant contenir 50 de vos chefs d'oeuvre. Prix dégressifs Par 3 : 9,95 Par 10 : 30,00  

€3.31 Price

Chess game timer "DGT FIDE 2010"

A chess clock allows you and your opponent to play with time control. First you agree on a certain time maximum for each player, then you set the clock - and the game can start! But beware - once you´re run out of time, you loose the game, no matter of how good your pieces may look like.

This adds a lot of thrill to a chessgame and fosters your ability to take decisions more intuitively and in a shorter time. And it enables you to have quick games, for example when you feel like playing chess without spending too much time on it. 

The "DGT FIDE 2010" is a classic used preferably in tournament chess and by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). It allows you to choose from a wide range of game modes, and its menu is very user-friendly.

€61.98 Price