Puzzles and brain teasers are ideal for having intellectual pleasure alone or in company. As for the first, you will find several types. Classical puzzles with 1,000 up to 18,000 pieces, fun puzzles of 500 up to 8,000 pieces, puzzles with special motives, and wooden puzzles. And as regards the brain teasers, they are categorised according to their material. On account of their sophistication, they are both nice challenges for oneself and perfect presents for someone who enjoys intellectual thrill.


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Quest Tower

An exciting adventure awaits you! You must solve all the puzzles to get to the secret compartment in Quest Tower. Carefully inspect it from all sides and find special symbols. It is they who will help you solve all the puzzles in order to open Quest Tower.

Size: 13 x 13 x 15,5 cm

€49.17 Price


Unlock the mystery. Gift with a twist, gues the riddle to open the cryptex.

€35.12 Price

Puzzle 1000 pièces - Northern Ligths

  • A 1000 piece puzzle manufactured in Germany by the famous Heye company.
  • Northern Lights is a striking Power of Nature image. For fans of top class detail and puzzle art.
  • Delighting the viewer with exquisite detail, these puzzles are a unique and timeless treat.
  • This puzzle is a must have for any puzzle lover and makes for a rewarding and challenging puzzle experience.
  • This puzzle is made from high quality card and comes presented in a rectangular box which has been shrink wrapped for further protection
  • Size is 70 x50 cm
€18.60 Price

Puzzle 1000 pièces : Caress - Mallett

A colorful work of art by Keith Mallett filled with warm earth-tone colors. It depicts three African American women adorned in Afrocentric attire. One is holding in her hands her child, the other is holding a white vase and the third is holding a bunch of Lillies.

Size : 57.5 x 70 cm

€16.45 Price