International mind games

Here you find a selection of miscellaneous traditional games, most of which from other continetns. For example Mahjong from China, Shogi from Japan (the "Japanese chess"), Awele from Western Africa, Fanorona from Madagascar...

International mind games

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Double Nine Dominoes

Dominoes box of root wood from walnut, 55 plastic tiles.
Sizes: 20 x 12,5 x 5,8 cm.

€35.50 Price

Dominoes - Double 9

Dominoes in box of imitation leather, 55 dominoes. Sizes: 19,5 x 12 x 4,3 cm.

€14.05 Price

Domino - Double 6

Box of root wood, sizes 19 x 12 x 3.5 cm, 28 plastic tiles.

The game of dominoes is a game of Chinese origin and is played worldwide. It consists of 28 tiles. Each player sets one domino after each other in combination (that is to say that one side of the domino placed must have the same number of points as the domino on the table). Doubles are placed perpendicularly. Each player keeps his dominoes hidden from other players. The first player who get rid of all his tiles wins..

€9.92 Price

Dominos Mexicain Double 12

Ce jeu contient 91 dominos Double 12, 1 station de train, 8 locomotives et 1 règle du jeu.

€32.98 Price

Pièces de Xiang Qi en bois

Pièces de Xiang Qi en bois et plateau de jeu en plastique. Diamètre des pièces : 3 cm environ. Dimensions de la boîte : 17 x 17 x 4,5 cm environ.

€16.45 Price