Metal brain teasers

These brain teasers mostly consist of only a few pieces, but this does not mean they are easier to solve...

Metal brain teasers

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Brain puzzle set of 6

This box contains a collection of mixed puzzles. It includes wooden puzzles with strings, as well as metal puzzles. What's more, each of the puzzles will train each of the brain's main lobes: memory, movement, touch, sight and coordination.

Harness your potential and train your brain!

Box size 22 x 16.5 x 5 cm

€21.40 Price

32 Brain teasers metal

A collection of 32 brain teasers in metal. These metal brain teasers provide for a great challenge it comes with wire pieces twisted together, to unlock the ring puzzle you need to maneuver the pieces until you will be able to separate them.  

€24.71 Price