Here you find a vast selection of chessboards, pieces, books, computer programs, and more. Whether chess is the game of kings or the king of games is probably an eternal question. There are only 64 squares but an almost uncountable number of moves. Countless combinations and strategies can possibly unfold over the board, each of them unique. Beautiful chessboards and pieces, good books and computer programs help us to get started and to improve our play, or they are simply a source of inspiration. Many admire the intellectual beauty of the game, and please that there is seldom "the one" perfect solution to a given problem.


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Fritz offers you everything you will need as a dedicated chess enthusiast.

Evolving Genius – The new path to playing brilliancies

Fritz shows you what you are capable of being: an attacking player who can conjure up magnificent brilliancies over the board! The new AI-based training method leads you to brilliant sacrificial combinations via clever variant selection and discreet hints.

Also new in FRITZ 18:

  • Intelligent tips: Fritz provides subtle hints in difficult positions
  • Visual evaluation: pawn structure, king safety, piece activity and sharpness of the position
  • New chess board in Direct2D technology with a fresh look and improved animation
  • New engine analysis: Interesting threats, appealing ideas and the game continuation 
  • Animated engine variations: Intuitive visual display of the best continuation
  • Improved calculation training to give your Elo a quick boost.
  • Stronger Fritz 18 engine by Frank Schneider, optimised for short time controls.


Minimum: PC Intel i3 or i5 or Ryzen 3, 4 GB RAM, Windows  8.1 (32- or 64-Bit), DirectX11, graphic card with 512 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, Windows Media Player and internet access. 

Recommended: PC Intel i7, i9 or Ryzen 7/9, 8 GB RAM, Windows 11 with 64-Bit, Windows Media Player, graphic card with 1 GB RAM, RTX graphic card for real time Raytrace board,  DVD-ROM drive and internet access.

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