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Echiquier Noyer lettré/chiffré 48 cm

Exclusive 48 x 48 cm tournament chessboard, finished in walnut and sycamore marquetry, double lacquered, with alphanumeric description. The 50 x 50 mm fields are ideally suited to our Staunton number 5  chess pieces. 

€66.12 Price

Chessboard Mahogany foldable with annotation

Folding tournament chess board, with alphanumeric markings, finished with mahogany and sycamore marquetry. The overall size of the unfolded chessboard is 50 x 50 cm

€65.70 Price

Chessboard Black/Maple

This 48x48cm veneer chessboard has been crafted from maple and mahogany. This fine chess board has a square size of 50mm and it is ideal for our larger chessmen with a King height of 90mm. This board is available with or without alphanumeric notation.

€69.42 Price

Indian rosewood board

Very nice rosewood chessboard combining solid wood and marquetry. Will perfectly suits with rosewood or ebony chess pieces. Green baize below. 

Available in 3 different sizes.

€144.63 Price