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Chessboard wengé (cases 55 mm)

Ce plateau en wengue (bois africain brun sombre) est particulièrement adapté aux pièces en palissandre (bois de rose), avec lesquelles il crée un contraste riche et harmonieux.

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Chessboard, walnut, with coordinates - 50mm squares

Buying a wooden chessboard, you may want to make sure that the board really fits your demands. And a personal recommendation: do not exchange save a penny or two on lower quality - because a good board that you really like will accompany you for a lifetime. 


This pretty and handy chessboard is made of walnut and is also used in upper levels of tournament chess. Its classical wooden beauty makes enables you to combine it with a broad range of pieces (for example these, these, or these ones 

It also comes with coordinates, making sure you always got the starting position right and enabling you to replay easily great games from old and new chess masters (such as Paul Morphy and Robert Fischer from the US, or Karpov and Kasparov from Russia).

If you are looking for the same board without coordinates, you may want to have a look at this one Furthermore, we also offre more luxury variations of the board, for example this one

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