Boards (gobans)

"Goban" (碁盤) is the Japanese word for Go table. Chinese boards are generally square; Japanese and Korean boards are slightly longer than wide, so that they appear square when viewed from a normal playing position. It is especially the material and the thickness which make a difference and distinguishes basic boards from fancier ones, and of course one can even find very precious collector´s pieces. Gobans made of “Torreyq nucifera”, a tree native to southern Japan which can reach an age of 600 years, are often said to be the best ones. Since it is very rare however, many boards are also made of Sitka spruce wood or of Katsura, a flower tree from China and Japan. Furthermore, there are basically two types of tables : those coming with feet and those without ; one puts them on a table or any appropriate ground. As for the latter, we recommend to choose at least 5-6 cm of thickness.

Boards (gobans)

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Goban en Bambou

Goban en bambou (19 x 19) verso Xiang Qi

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