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Electronic chess pieces DGT Ebony

DGT electronic chess pieces of Ebony for DGT chessboards. 

Those ebony electronic DGT chess pieces are the most luxurious of the compatible pieces for DGT boards.

Each chess piece has his own magnetic signature in order to be recognized with precision by sensors on the DGT board.

King's height : 95 mm


Other available versions:

 Other available DGT Chessboards:

€256.20 Price

Laquered Stallion Staunton chess pieces

Stallion Staunton chess pieces made of wood, laquered black and red, weighted with felted bottoms.Those chess pieces suits on a chessboard whose squares measures 50 mm.

€152.89 Price

Antic chess pieces

Tinted boxwood chess pieces made for a 55 mm squared chess board.
King's height: 9,5 cm
Pawn's height: 5,5 cm

€132.23 Price

Giant outdoor chess pieces

Giant plastic chess pieces wich may be ballasted, made for outdoor gaming.  King's height: 64cm.

The chess board :

These giant garden outdoor chess and checkers games provides a lot of fun for play games in Gardens, beaches, lawns,schools, hotels, Villas, Playgrounds, streets, backyards etc outdoor places.  The giant chess pieces are made of rugged, waterproof, and UV-resistant injection-molded, hollow high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.  These chess set withstands the outdoor elements very well and will retain its color in the sun.  It's never easy broken in shipping and playing.

All chess pieces passed CE test. 

€404.96 Price

Berliner Chess Pieces

Tinted wooden chess pieces. King's height: 9.5 cm. Pawn's height: 4.5 cm. 

€123.97 Price

DGT Timeless Chess Pieces

The DGT Classic chess pieces are very close to classical non-DGT pieces, those well-known by tournament players. Those special pieces (and the following DGT-ones, are the only chess pieces compatible with DGT-boards. If you put your favorites chess pieces on the DGT-board, you'll probably get a charming chess set, but the computer won't recognize your sets.

King's height: 95 mm 

€152.89 Price

DGT Classic Pieces

Chess pieces alike to Staunton, very similar to our "Executive Staunton" chess pieces. Black pieces are tinted ebony and so they are... black. This set of pieces will perfectly suit on the rosewood board.
King's height: 95 mm 


€181.82 Price

DGT Royal Pieces

The most exquisite set of the latest new games of DGT. With thoroughly detailed knights. Black pieces are made of rosewood.

King's height: 95 mm

€247.11 Price

New Staunton chess pieces

A spectacular product made of ebony. As we can see, knight are masterpieces. This set of tall chess pieces will be very impressive on a red maple chess board (with squares of 55m).

€329.75 Price