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Chess set of pieces Gold&Silver heavy

It's realy high-quality chess pieces.
It's really heavy chess pieces.
It's really large chess pieces.

The total weight of this set is 1.625kg. so you'll enjoy the feel of each piece in your hand as you defeat your opponent move by move. These high quality metal pieces are made out of a durable zinc alloy with Gold and silver electroplated finish. In addition, they are padded with felt on the bottom to protect your board.

2 extra queens

Size of the King is 10.3 cm Diam. 4.5 cm

€73.55 Price

Chess Set in wood Standard size

This set of wooden pieces classic design is offered at a very attractive price. Its size is adapted to the dimensions used in competition, i.e. for 50 cm chessboards with 50-55 mm squares. The pieces are weighted for optimum grip.  

Supplied with two additional queens.

size king 95 mm

€28.93 Price

Pièces Pioneer

These Pioneer Staunton style chess pieces is very particular with his knight. The set includes a very respectable 3.75 inch king (10 cm); an elegant & well finished design with unique features such as the grooved collars and a nicely weighted feel. Made from fine graded hardwoods and hand turned and polished, these pieces will provide many years of chess playing satisfaction. This set includes 4 queens.

€132.23 Price

Chess Set Stauton Classique Black

Classic set of chess pieces Stauton ebonised. 

They are weighted  and felted for perfect balance making them a robust and elegant set that is perfect for all levels of players. It is also worth noting that each chess pieces is hand carved and turned, in a production process that takes weeks.

Materials:  Boxwood, Ebonised Boxwood

This set of pieces goes perfectly with this set

Size of the king is 85 mm height

€61.98 Price

Chess Box for chess pieces (empty)

Beautiful wooden box that will allow you to store your pieces and protect them if you store your game or if you move it. The size of the box allows you to store a complete set of pieces with a maximum king size of 93 mm (standard size). The box is closed with a lid fitted with small magnets.

dimensions: 225 x 142 x 83 mm

€26.03 Price

Pièces d'échecs Staunton en Acrylique

These spectacular pieces are triple weighted, and their size requires a chessboard with 55 mm squares.

The king is 10.6 cm high, the base 4.60 cm, the rook 6.3 cm high, the base 4.00 cm.

The underside is leather, not the usual felt.

The pieces are finely sculpted and the knight, the representative figure in a chess set, is particularly well done!

€70.25 Price

Chess Set Preston Padouk wood

Both the king and queen have wide bases meaning the whole set is comfortable only on chess boards of at least 21 inches. The deep red of the dark pieces complements playing surfaces made from woods of similar hues. The black and white knights are without doubt the most striking pieces on the board. The detailed bridle gives each horse a restrained appearance; well trained and ready for battle. These chessmen take more than two months to make, and it is of no great surprise that the knight takes the longest to carve.

  • Maltese influence on a traditional design.
  • Beautifully detailed knight.
  • 4.5 inch king.
  • 2 extra queens for pawn promotion.
  • Heavily weighted for balance.
  • Bases lined with billiard cloth.
  • Perfect on a 21 inch board.
€462.81 Price

Pièces Russes Staunton

Pièces d'échecs en buis teinté, plombées-feutrées. Ces pièces conviennent à une taille de case de 50 mm.

€132.23 Price