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Chess boxes

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Modern chess set in lacquered wood 35 x 35 cm

Exquisite, hand-crafted wood design with high-gloss case with drawer for the weighted pieces and components. Modern chessboard 35 x 35 cm with drawer and figures of ultra-modern design. Made of wood modern style with original design and a stunning high gloss finish interior is lined with high-quality felt and presented in an original box with transparent top. Size is 35x35 cm

€182.64 Price

Chess set for visually impaired people.

Chess set for visually impaired people. Easy to use:

Chess pieces have a little stick on the bottom who can be fixed in holes on the chessboard. Making them standstill and comfortable to touch.
All black pieces have a little stick too on their head, allowing to recognize them easily from whites.

Even the chessboard is thoroughly thought: All black squares are a little bit raised to make them easy to recognize.

€119.83 Price

Coffret palissandre magnétique pliant

Ce coffret magnétique concilie pratique et esthétique. Plateau et pièces en bois (plateau en marqueterie) de format 17,5 x 17,5 cm ouvert, les pièces peuvent se ranger à l'intérieur du coffret.

€45.45 Price