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The Modern Bogo 1.d4 e6 - Antic & Maksimovic

They did it! Dejan Antic and Branimir Maksimovic have created a complete chess opening repertoire for Black players in only two books. 

First they wrote the acclaimed The Modern French (against 1.e4). Now The Modern Bogo provides Black players with a comprehensive answer to 1.d4. The two books complement each other perfectly.

The point is that the authors recommend to answer 1.d4 with the direct 1...e6, for the follow-up  2.c4 Bb4+. In this way they avoid complex theoretical Nimzo-Indian lines and enable both amateur and professional players to find their own way in little-explored variations. 

The Modern Bogo covers all the possibilities for White after 1.d4 e6... except for 2.e4, after which you should play the French!

Antic and Maksimovic have done a massive amount of research, and found many new strategic concepts and attacking plans. All of them are explained clearly and thoroughly. 

You will find that this opening not only gives you good chances to equalize as Black, but also many opportunities to play for a win. 

€23.49 Price

PERT - Playing the Trompowsky

This new book by English IM Richard Pert gives you a complete attacking repertoire on the Trompowsky: 1. d4 and 2. Bg5! Tested in games at all levels, this opening is a powerful and sound weapon. However, since it is little known, it will often come as a very unpleasant surprise for your opponents... 

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FRANCO - Chess Explained : The Modern Benoni

Nouvelle livraison dans la série « Chess Explained », consacrée à une ouverture peu sécurisante mais assez fun : la Benoni moderne. Le format - désormais bien connu - de la série (112 pages et 25 parties, pas une de plus) convient évidemment mieux à un sujet comme celui-ci, bien délimité et stratégiquement homogène, qu’à certaines tentatives récentes (Meran et surtout Anglaise…). Digeste, instructif et utile.
€18.40 Price