Rubik's and Magic cubes

Here you find magic tubes of all kinds and levels of difficulty. As a beginner, you may want to choose the smaller ones, but even they will make your brain. Mind that plenty of strategies exist! They help a lot...

Rubik's and Magic cubes

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cube Qiyi QiFa Square -1

Without doubt, one of the best difficulty/price ratios in cubes, the famous square-1, here in an old-fashioned sticker version.

€14.88 Price

Training Mat - Infinite Mind

This carpet is the perfect complement to your speedcubing sessions.

It comes with a storage bag and supports for your chronograph.

Material used is like mousepad.

Size : 49x 30 cm

€12.31 Price

Gan 14 Maglev 3x3

Latest version of GAN available with Maglev technology for maximum stability and fluidity.

€73.55 Price