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Chess set Soviet Acacia

Chess set inspired by the models in vogue during the 50's and 60's in the Eastern countries. The two-coloured pieces bring a special touch, but the set remains quite classical with the ultra sober design of the pieces. The set of pieces is made of acacia wood and boxwood, they are all well weighted for an excellent grip and benefit from a felt underneath for a perfect glide and a comfort of use when moving the pieces. The king measures 9.5 cm and the rook 5.5 cm, the ideal sizes for the chess board we have used it on. The board is made of Padouk wood, it measures 53 cm and each square is 5.5 cm.

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Ensemble Stallion Bois de Padouk

This very distinguished set consists of a Stallion model set of pieces which is characterized by its very sculpted knight, its bishop and its deep cleft, its well-curved rook and its very slender king and queen. The colour and the different natural shades that the Padouk wood brings to this set will be appreciated and will make each piece unique. The board is also Padouk, a slightly pinkish brown for the dark squares and the edge, the white squares are more beige. 

Board dimensions: 48 cm and 5 cm square

Piece dimensions: King height 9 cm - King base: 3.8 cm - Pawn height 4.5 cm - Pawn base 2.8 cm

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Chess Set with Mahogany board with annotations

This complete chess set is composed with standard chess pieces in the traditional staunton style. A great chess set  with generous proportion and made from acacia wood.

The board is made from mahogany wood and with annotation like in the chess clubs, perfect for analyse. Size of board is 49 cm and each square is 5 cm.

Size of chess piece is 93 mm for the king, each piece is weighted and felted.

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Chess Set club walnut with annotations

This complete chess set is composed with standard chess pieces in the traditional staunton style. A great chess set  with generous proportion and made from acacia wood.

The board is made from walnut wood and with annotation like in the chess clubs, perfect for analyse. Size of board is 49 cm and each square is 5 cm.

Size of chess piece is 93 mm for the king, each piece is weighted and felted.

€143.80 Price

DGT 2500

The new official chess clock of the FIDE

Super clear display

Update timing option list

User friendly

Low energy consumption, player can use it for more than 4000 hours of gaming

DGT guarantee of quality

  • Clock size (l x w x h): 198 x 110 x 60 mm
  • Clock weight (inc. batteries): 320 gr
  • Display size (l x h): 174 x 32 mm
  • Gift box size: 205 x 120 x 60 mm
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Chess Set Supreme Acacia

This listing is for a brand new 34 pieces (2 extra queens) set of staunton chess men in our Supreme design  with board. Chess men are acacia and boxwood, double weighted and felted. Board features solid wood. Its well figured knights and well proportioned chess pieces makes it one of the must have for a chess player. Height of the king is 10 cm and base is 4 cm. Size of the board is 52 cm and square is 5,5 cm.

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Chess Set FIDE

Uniquely designed for the World Chess Championship, and adopted by the Mozart of chess – Magnus Carlsen, this Official FIDE chess set of pieces design has all the hallmarks of excellence of design one expects in a luxury set. With a contemporary atmosphere, the FIDE ebonised design was designed in line with chess playing aesthetics, and with white and black corresponding base felts. This is the official World Chess Championship set approved by FIDE. Each set is beautifully presentation boxed with individual pieces hand packed and secured inside the box. We propose with this nice set of pieces a luxury and beautiful chessboard in maple burr inspired by the Netflix Serie Queens' Gambit.  Size of the king 9,5 cm, pieces are weigthed and felted, chessboard 54 cm and square 5,5 cm.

€545.45 Price

Chess Set Meghdoot

 This set of  pieces in acaciawood have a slightly raised base which creates the impression of 'floating' on the chess board.A truly classic looking Staunton influenced chess piece collection that does not compromise on quality. Size of king is 8,2 cm. Wel weighted and felted. We propose a classical walnut chessboard of 45 cm for this set of pieces.

€218.18 Price

Chess Set Bauhaus

The Bauhaus chess set’s unique look catches the eye right away. It’s certainly one of the more artistic and modern-looking chess sets we’ve come across. And yet, its charm lies in its simplicity (and the very apparent supreme-quality craftsmanship of the set). The smooth, clean lines and interesting shapes of the chess pieces are somehow simultaneously modern and timeless. However, the Bauhaus chess set is more than meets the eye. The pieces are not only designed to be artistically striking but are actually inspired by the movement capabilities and value of each piece in the game.

The Bauhaus chess set would make a gorgeous statement piece in any room of the house. It also could be a special gift for anyone who loves both chess and that clean-lined Bauhaus design style. This set closely replicates the original Josef Hartwig Bauhaus chess set. We choose for this aesthetic set of pieces a chessboard black without edge of 45 cm.

€210.74 Price

Chess Set Zagreb Acacia

History: In the 1950s and 1960s the Zagreb chess set was one of the most popular chess sets used at the major international chess tournaments. It gained popularity when it was used in the World Championship Candidates Match that was held in Bied, Zagreb in 1959. Design & Quality:   Appropriately weighted and felted these pieces are very stable on board and a pleasure to touch and feel, size of king is 8,8 cm.  For this set we choose a classical walnut board of 50 cm with square of 5 cm.

€197.52 Price

Chess Set Imperial Black

The  Imperial Black Chess Pieces are intricately hand-carved with sharp facial features. A king height of 9.4 cm with weighted and felted undersides. Matched with an 50 cm maple  chessboard with square of 5 cm. 

€288.43 Price

Chess Set Parker Burnt

This chess set package includes a set of our Parker Staunton chess pieces in boxwood matched with our Classic  walnut  Chess Board. Imagine you and a good friend sitting at a table playing a game of chess on this stunning chess board with these elegant chess pieces. The Parker offers a traditional Staunton design but with a unique burnt design carved into the pieces. To create the black, chess pieces are actually burnt followed by the final carving and design work which creates a beautiful contrast in colors between the blackened areas and the natural golden wood colors underneath. Chess pieces are then finished in high gloss lacquer giving the chess pieces a glass-like finish. We include 2 extra queens for pawn promotion, size of the king is 9,3 cm and size of the board is 50 cm and square is 5 cm.

€288.43 Price

Chess set Armoured Redwood

Handcrafted from the finest Indian sheesham hardwood, also known as golden rosewood, our Armoured selection provide a luxury twist. Among the elegant touches this set possesses are the intricately carved knights with ceremonial bridles and replaceable king finial cross pin. We pair this exceptionnal set with premium chessboard from italy in walnut burr.  kingsize is 11.5 cm and diam. of 4.5 cm - Boardsize is 54 cm and square 5 cm

€710.74 Price

Chess Set Stallion Red and Black Lacquered

This wonderful chess set will surprise you with the mix of old and new style. Chess pieces are in wood,  painted and lacquered also weighted and felted, size of the king is 88 mm. Chess board has been  made  in maple wood, size of the square is 5 cm, classic size.

€280.17 Price

Chess Set classic club walnut

This set of pieces are in acaciawood, each piece is felted and weighted. size is standard, 85 mm for the king.

Board is size club, each square is 5 cm and the complete size is 48 cm

This set is a superb value for chess lovers.

€128.10 Price

Set combinations Supreme Anjanwood

This wonderful set of pieces has been made with anjanwood (it's like rosewood), the pieces are handcrafted, felted and double weighted. 

A total of 34 pieces (2 extra queens). Size of king is 10.50 cm and diam. of 4.5 cm

The board is handmade in Italy and it is a very hight quality product. It is walnut burr wood, the light squares are crafted form the maple veneers and, complete with the high gloss finish. Chess board is 54 cm and each square is 5.5 cm

It is the perfect companion of the supreme set of pieces.

€595.04 Price