Poker cards and equipment

Poker is getting big in Belgium, and here you find everything you need for entertaining evenings. Card sets for the different styles, carpets, tokens, etc.. You may also want to have a look at our collection of poker books in both English and French.

Poker cards and equipment

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Wooden Box Copag 300 chips

Coffret en bois de 300 jetons COPAG en clay composite de 14g + 1 jeu de cartes Copag Texas Hold'em Gold noir 100% plastique + 1 bouton Dealer Copag.

la répartition des jetons se fait comme suit: 100 jetons rouges (5), 75 jetons verts (25), 50 jetons oranges (50), 50 jetons noirs (100), 25 jetons violets (500).

un modèle haut de gamme pour ceux qui cherchent un produit de qualité.

€123.55 Price

Mallette alu 500 jetons Laser Las Vegas (11,5 g.)

Mallette alu de 500 jetons Laser Las Vegas en matière ABS-PP de 11.5 grammes se décomposant ainsi : 150 jetons blancs 1$, 150 jetons rouges 5$, 100 jetons verts 25$, 50 jetons bleus 50$, 50 jetons noirs 100$

€78.51 Price

Cartes Bicycle Rider Back

Jeu de 54 cartes Bicycle. Egalement disponible avec un dos bleu (le préciser dans les remarques lors de votre commande).

€4.13 Price

Copag Texas Hold'em jumbo index

A jumbo set of high-quality poker cards, made of 100% plastic. This makes them the perfect choice for everyone enjoying regularly the thrill of a poker evening. Unlike cards made of cardboard, the Texas Hold'em Jumbo Set is made for a long life. Available with a red or black back. 

€7.44 Price