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Mastering Go is unlikely to come without the right training. Here you find a selection of books which will sharpen your tactical view and your sense for solving problems over the board.

Tactics & problems

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Genbi - Gokyo Shumyo - Collection of classic Tesuji Problems

Goky Shumy is one of the most famous collections of go problems, containing 520 classic tesuji problems compiled and published by Hayashi Genbi in 1812. Its contents are divided into the categories of making life, capturing, ko, capturing races, connecting, oi-otoshi, cutting, and ladders.This English edition of Goky Shumy is the first of its kind. Until now, Western go players have had to rely on Asian editions of the book to peruse its contents. Besides adding English annotations for problemsolutions, this edition fixes dozens of mistakes in the source material and grades problems by their difficulty. The editor Antti Törmänen is himself a professional player with the Japan Go Federation.The problems in this book come from a wide range of difficulties, from 9-kyu all the way to professional level. The core audience of the book is dan players and players soon aiming to enter the dan ranks, but readers of almost all levels will find suitably challenging content in it. 312 p. 

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Dickfeld - How strong is your go? Check your ranking in the game of go

This book is both test and training. It will not only help you to assess your skill level, but also to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the game of Go. In a total of eight chapters, you are asked to solve the exercises within a given time limit. With the help of the evaluation tables you will be able to determine where you are roughly located within the kyu and dan ranks. In addition to the classification into the rank ranges, your results will reflect in which areas you are particularly strong and where may still be room for improvement. 116 pages

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YANG YILUN - Yilun Yang's Go Puzzles vol.2, 100 p.

50 problèmes de vie et mort avec une particularité : dans chacun d'entre eux, les pierres noires sont arrangées de façon à dessiner un idéogramme chinois... Le procédé, déjà utilisé par l'auteur dans un premier volume (où les positions dessinaient des nombres) est un peu artificiel, mais le résultat est ingénieux et amusant. Chaque problème occupe une page (c'est un livre petit format) avec au dos la réponse correcte, une variante principale et l'erreur la plus tentante. Les niveaux annoncés s'échelonnent de 10 kyu à 4 dan, la plupart se situant entre 5 kyu et 3 dan.
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YOON - Think like a pro - Pae

Voici un livre sur le style coréen du Baduk (Go), en anglais, accompagné du texte coréen pour les curieux. L'auteur y traite des différentes techniques du Ko (Pae en coréen) ainsi que du joseki (jeongseok) et des fins de partie. Débutants s'abstenir!
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