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Echiquier Loupe Erable 55 cm

Top-of-the-range 55 cm chessboard with 55 mm squares.

Handcrafted in Italy from maple.

The high-gloss finish enhances the design and natural colours of the wood.

Perfect with our Supreme Staunton model in ebony.

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Schaak Set Stukken Staunton Gold/Silver

It's realy high-quality chess pieces.
It's really heavy chess pieces.
It's really large chess pieces.

The total weight of this set is 1.625kg. so you'll enjoy the feel of each piece in your hand as you defeat your opponent move by move. These high quality metal pieces are made out of a durable zinc alloy with Gold and silver electroplated finish. In addition, they are padded with felt on the bottom to protect your board.

2 extra queens

Size of the King is 10.3 cm Diam. 4.5 cm

€ 73,55 Prijs

Schaakset stukken in Hout Klassiek Staunton

Dit houten schaakspel heeft een klassiek design en is zeer aantrekkelijk geprijsd. Het formaat is aangepast aan de afmetingen die in de competitie worden gebruikt, d.w.z. voor schaakborden van 50 cm met vierkantjes van 50-55 mm. De stukken zijn verzwaard voor een optimale grip.  

Geleverd met twee extra dames.

afmetingen van de koning 95 mm  -  diam. 32 mm

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Schaakset stukken hout + bord neopreen oprolbaar hout kleur

Set bestaande uit een set T5 stukken zin met lood en vild en in hout (klassiek Staunton model) en een schaakbord (50x50 cm) in wengé/rozenhout neopreen met cijfers en letters.

Deze set is aantrekkelijk geprijsd, praktisch omdat het schaakbord kan worden opgerold en comfortabel om op te spelen.

afmetingen bord is 50 x50 cm

veld is 55mm

Koning is 95 mm

Geleverd met 2 extra-dames

€ 41,32 Prijs

Schaakbord Néoprène Hout kleur

Dit neopreen schaakbord heeft een standaardformaat, is oprolbaar, slijtvast en gemakkelijk om  mee te nemen.

De houtlook geeft het een warme uitstraling en een superieure afwerking, en het wordt ook geleverd met aantekeningen (cijfers en letters).

Afmetingen 51 cm en veld 55 mm.

€ 14,05 Prijs

Echiquier Noyer lettré/chiffré 48 cm

Exclusive 48 x 48 cm tournament chessboard, finished in walnut and sycamore marquetry, double lacquered, with alphanumeric description. The 50 x 50 mm fields are ideally suited to our Staunton number 5  chess pieces. 

€ 66,12 Prijs

Sac "Eat Sleep Chess"

bag, fibre, two long handles, for various purposes.
dimensions: 44 x 33 cm

€ 7,36 Prijs

Pièces Pioneer

These Pioneer Staunton style chess pieces are value chess pieces. The set includes a very respectable 3.75 inch king (10 cm); an elegant & well finished design with unique features such as the grooved collars and a nicely weighted feel. Made from fine graded hardwoods and hand turned and polished, these pieces will provide many years of chess playing satisfaction. This set includes 4 queens.

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Schaakset in hout modern design

Exquisite, hand-crafted wood design with high-gloss case with drawer for the weighted pieces and components. Modern chessboard 35 x 35 cm with drawer and figures of ultra-modern design. Made of wood modern style with original design and a stunning high gloss finish interior is lined with high-quality felt and presented in an original box with transparent top. Size  35 x 35 cm

€ 182,64 Prijs

Schaakbord Esdoorn

This 48x48cm veneer chessboard has been crafted from maple and mahogany. This fine chess board has a square size of 50mm and it is ideal for our larger chessmen with a King height of 90mm. This board is available with or without alphanumeric notation.

€ 69,42 Prijs

Schaakbord Walnut met annotatie

Tournament chess board with description finished in walnut and sycamore marquetry measuring 54x54cm. This chess board has 55 x 55mm fields and is ideal for our large 3.75" or Staunton No 6 Staunton No 6 pieces

€ 74,38 Prijs

Schaakbord Walnut Wedstrijd format

Tournament 48x48 cm chessboard inlaid with walnut and maple. This brilliant board with square size of 50mm fits perfectly to our chess pieces with king's height of 90mm or maximum 95mm. The bottom of the board is inlaid with walnut too. 

€ 65,29 Prijs

Schaak Set Stauton Classique Black

Classic set of chess pieces Stauton ebonised. 

They are weighted  and felted for perfect balance making them a robust and elegant set that is perfect for all levels of players. It is also worth noting that each chess pieces is hand carved and turned, in a production process that takes weeks.

Materials:  Boxwood, Ebonised Boxwood

This set of pieces goes perfectly with this set

Size of the king is 85 mm height

€ 61,98 Prijs

L'histoire du Roi des Echecs

Le Roi des échecs est une version très simple et amusante pour apprendre aux enfants à jouer aux échecs. Il se base sur des histoires et des personnages sympathiques et colorés. Il contient également toute une série de 30  mini-jeux très simples afin de familiariser l'enfant aux règles du jeu d'échecs. Le grand intérêt de ce jeu est de proposer une approche du jeu d'échecs dès 3 ans. Ce jeu a reçu de nombreux prix à travers le monde et notamment cette année, il a reçu le prix du jeu pour enfants en Belgique.

Le roi des echecs est livré avec:

32 pièces d'échecs thématisées

32 silhouettes de personnages

30 jetons pourles mini-jeux

  2 sacs de rangement pour les pièces

  1 livre d'histoires Le Roi des échecs

  1 plateau d'échecs double-face

€ 41,24 Prijs

Schaakset Soviet Acacia

Chess set inspired by the models in vogue during the 50's and 60's in the Eastern countries. The two-coloured pieces bring a special touch, but the set remains quite classical with the ultra sober design of the pieces. The set of pieces is made of acacia wood and boxwood, they are all well weighted for an excellent grip and benefit from a felt underneath for a perfect glide and a comfort of use when moving the pieces. The king measures 9.5 cm and the rook 5.5 cm, the ideal sizes for the chess board we have used it on. The board is made of Padouk wood, it measures 53 cm and each square is 5.5 cm.

€ 194,21 Prijs

Schaakset Stallion Padouk

Dit zeer gedistingeerde spel bestaat uit een set stukken van het model Stallion, dat gekenmerkt wordt door zijn zeer gebeeldhouwde paard, zijn loper en zijn diepe spleet, zijn goed gebogen toren en zijn zeer slanke koning en Dame. De kleur en de verschillende natuurlijke tinten die het Padouk-hout aan deze set geeft, zullen worden gewaardeerd en maken elk stuk uniek. Het bord is ook van Padouk, een beetje rozebruin voor de donkere velden en  de witte velden zijn meer beige. 

Afmetingen van het bord: 48 cm en 5 cm veld

Afmetingen van de stukken: Hoogte koning 9 cm - Basis koning: 3,8 cm - Hoogte pion 4,5 cm - Basis pion 2,8 cm

€ 276,86 Prijs

Schaakset Club Mahonie met annotatie

Schaakspel met een mahonie schaakbord van 49 cm en veld van 5 cm (wedstrijd formaat), en volledige schaakset of stukken in acacia hout met lood en vilt, koning is 8.5 cm

Perfekt om te spelen en analyse.

€ 125,62 Prijs

DGT 2500

For the chess club, we can do a better price if yout take more quantities from 3 pieces.

The new official chess clock of the FIDE

Super clear display

Update timing option list

User friendly

Low energy consumption, player can use it for more than 4000 hours of gaming

DGT guarantee of quality

  • Clock size (l x w x h): 198 x 110 x 60 mm
  • Clock weight (inc. batteries): 320 gr
  • Display size (l x h): 174 x 32 mm
  • Gift box size: 205 x 120 x 60 mm
€ 67,77 Prijs

Schaak Set Supreme Acacia

This listing is for a brand new 34 pieces (2 extra queens) set of staunton chess men in our Supreme design  with board. Chess men are acacia and boxwood, double weighted and felted. Board features solid wood. Its well figured knights and well proportioned chess pieces makes it one of the must have for a chess player. Height of the king is 10 cm and base is 4 cm. Size of the board is 52 cm and square is 5,5 cm.

€ 411,57 Prijs

Schaak Set Supreme Ebonised Hout

Supreme Staunton Chess Pieces are heavy, weighted pieces - perfect for tournaments. Finely crafted knights with gorgeous king adds to the beauty of these chess pieces and durability will last for years and years to come. If you really love chess, you deserve these chess pieces.
These chessmen are finely crafted by our craftsmen who have inherited this skill for so many years. From the perfect on the King to the minute details of the knight's mane, these Ebonized and Boxwood pieces boast green velvet pads on the bottom. With a 3.50 inch (88mm) king height and high gloss finish, these chessmen will be the envy of all your opponents. We propose with this nice set of pieces a wenge board of 50 cm with annotations , perfect for analyse.

€ 304,96 Prijs

Schaak Set FIDE

Uniquely designed for the World Chess Championship, and adopted by the Mozart of chess – Magnus Carlsen, this Official FIDE chess set of pieces design has all the hallmarks of excellence of design one expects in a luxury set. With a contemporary atmosphere, the FIDE ebonised design was designed in line with chess playing aesthetics, and with white and black corresponding base felts. This is the official World Chess Championship set approved by FIDE. Each set is beautifully presentation boxed with individual pieces hand packed and secured inside the box. We propose with this nice set of pieces a luxury and beautiful chessboard in maple burr inspired by the Netflix Serie Queens' Gambit.  Size of the king 9,5 cm, pieces are weigthed and felted, chessboard 54 cm and square 5,5 cm.

€ 545,45 Prijs

Schaak Set Meghdoot

This set of  pieces in acaciawood have a slightly raised base which creates the impression of 'floating' on the chess board.A truly classic looking Staunton influenced chess piece collection that does not compromise on quality. Size of king is 8,2 cm. Wel weighted and felted. We propose a classical walnut chessboard of 45 cm for this set of pieces.

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