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Tiviakov/Gökbulut - Rock...
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Tiviakov/Gökbulut - Rock Solid Chess Volume 2

Sergei Tiviakov was unbeaten in a streak of more than a hundred chess games as a professional player. Who better to share the secrets of Rock Solid Chess and the activity and value of pieces than Tiviakov?

The highly acclaimed first volume of his chess strategy trilogy dealt with pawn structures. In this second volume, Sergei moves on to discuss piece play and unique chessboard situations. Topics covered include the bishop pair, opposite-coloured bishops, centralization and the almost-ignored question of when and whether to castle.

Tiviakov also demonstrates how the value of pieces can vary drastically depending on their exact position. He shows how the entire assessment of a position, and the correct strategy for playing it, can be changed by moving a single pawn from one square to another.

In the final chapters, Tiviakov discusses how to play cramped and passive positions, how to play for a win with Black and how to choose your strategy, based on the opponent’s style and other psychological factors.

Illustrated with examples from classic games and from his own games, and supported by instructive exercises, Volume Two of Rock Solid Chess offers invaluable and unique instruction on topics not covered in traditional textbooks. These strategy lessons will significantly improve your chess and are suitable for all readers, from club players to grandmasters.

Sergei Tiviakov is a grandmaster, Olympic gold medallist, three-time Dutch Champion and European Champion.
Yulia Gökbulut is a FIDE Women's Master, chess author and sports writer from Turkey.

251 pages

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Ensemble Silicone Taille 5...
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Ensemble Silicone Taille 5 (Sans housse)

Siliconen schaakstukken en schaakbord. Het schaakbord is beschikbaar in bruin of groen. De voordelen van Silicone zijn dat de stukken onverwoestbaar zijn (tenzij je ze in het vuur gooit...) en dat het schaakbord altijd zijn perfecte vorm behoudt, zelfs als het van tevoren is gevouwen of opgerold. Deze set is bijzonder geschikt voor kinderen. De afmetingen zijn zoals in clubs: 55 mm vierkant voor het schaakbord en 95 mm hoog voor de koning.

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Karolyi - Boris Spassky's...
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Karolyi - Boris Spassky's best game 1 (1948-1968) The Rising Star

 Boris Spassky is the most underappreciated World Champion in chess history, remembered as the Soviet who lost to Bobby Fischer in 1972. In this two-volume work, biographer extraordinaire Tibor Karolyi puts the focus on Spassky’s brilliant career and life story.

Born in 1937, Spassky barely escaped with his life when evacuating from the Siege of Leningrad as a young boy. This book tells the story of how that boy subsequently learned to play chess and rose through the Soviet ranks to become the strongest player in the world in the late 1960s.

International Master Tibor Karolyi is a renowned author and trainer from Hungary. His biographical works for Quality Chess have received glowing praise from readers and reviewers. 344 pages

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Bagheri/Salehzadeh -...
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Bagheri/Salehzadeh - Understanding chess Exchanges

Understanding Chess Exchanges by Bagheri & Salehzadeh. Have you ever wondered how chess grandmasters always seem to know which pieces need to be exchanged? Or how an attack is influenced by the number of pieces on the board? When should we keep the queens on, and when should we switch to an endgame?
Understanding Chess Exchanges shares expert insights into using exchanges as a strategic weapon. Your newfound knowledge will then be tested using exercises taken from elite modern practice. With a particular focus on Magnus Carlsen – the master of exchanges – this book reveals the principles behind a vital part of chess strategy.
Chess mastery is the art of knowing when principles should be followed and when they must be broken. This book guarantees that you will not only become familiar with the typical guidelines, but also learn about their exceptions. Filled with tips, principles and practical advice, Understanding Chess Exchanges is an invaluable asset to a chess player’s arsenal! 352 pages

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Franco - Learn from Sammy...
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Franco - Learn from Sammy Reshevsky

In his heyday, Samuel Reshevsky was one of the great contenders for the world title and, according to Bobby Fischer, for a period of about ten years, from 1946 to 1956, he was the best player in the world.

This book contains sixty of his best games, all analysed and annotated.

It also includes exercises and answers to various questions that might arise in the mind of the reader.

I believe this is a good method, both for teaching and learning.

The author hopes that in this way the reader will learn from the magnificent play of Sammy Reshevsky, and grow to admire it as much as I do. 424 pages

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Sokolov - Winning Chess Middlegames

Have you ever wondered why it takes grandmasters just seconds to see what's happening in a chess position? It's all about pawn structures, as Ivan Sokolov explained in his groundbreaking book Winning Chess Middlegames.

In his 2010 bestseller, Grandmaster Sokolov focused on structures arising from 1.d4 openings; in this new companion guide, 1.e4 players get their turn. This new volume covers a dozen topical structures including various pawn formations in the flexible Ruy Lopez, Italian and Petroff openings. But also Black's doubled f-pawn in the Rauzer Sicilian, the notorious Maroczy Bind, the mysterious Hedgehog, the versatile Sveshnikov and the paradoxical French Winawer. Deeply analysed top-level games illustrate the motifs in all these structures.

Club players who study Winning Chess Middlegames 1.e4 or 1.d4 will:

  • significantly improve their middlegame skills
  • develop an accurate sense of which positions suit their style
  • gain new strategic and practical knowledge of openings

Ivan Sokolov's analysis is profound but accessible, and he doesn't take anything for granted. As reviewer Sean Marsh wrote of the first volume: "The lucid and informative explanations convey a large amount of genuine Grandmasterly wisdom. This is easily one of the best middlegame books of recent times."

Ivan Sokolov is a top grandmaster who was born in Bosnia and lives in the Netherlands. He is a former Yugoslav and Dutch Champion and has beaten World Champions Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand. As a coach, he led Uzbekistan to victory at the 2022 Chennai Olympiad. Sokolov has written a dozen highly acclaimed books.

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Dieu - The modernized Trojan Knight 1.Nc3

The author Bruno Dieu is a FIDE Master and became French Correspondence Chess Champion in 2000. He has a rich experience in chess, having participated in various chess tournaments, both over the board and in correspondence.
It's fascinating that he has competed with notable experts and writers on the 1 Nc3, such as Dick Van Geet, Anker Aasum, and Harald Keilhack. The mention of a book being a token of his experience suggests that he has documented his insights and knowledge about this opening.
Overall, this is a most promising exploration for those interested in chess and this specific opening.
We are convinced you will enjoy the chess ride Bruno provided in his excellent researched book. 470 pages Hardcover

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Mohr/Velimirovic - Forgotten Genius (The life and games of grandmaster Dragoljub Velimirovic) Volume 1 Hardcover

"For me, a draw is not a result at all. If the game develops normally, I never think about a draw. I always think about playing to win. I blame all chess players who play chess to make draw and thus degrade this ancient game!"

"I like fast, "rocket" chess and always play to win. It seems to me that chess was invented precisely to have winners and losers. If someone offers me a draw, I take it as an insult."

"I start every game with the firm intention of finishing it with, or on, the shield!"

"One pawn more or less. I have 8 of them, don't I?"

"I am very pleasant to talk to and very unpleasant to play chess with!"  307 pages Hardcover

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Burnett - Dragon Masters (The life and Times of the fiercest opening in Chess Volume 1) Hardcover

Andrew Burnett is a Scottish FM who has represented his country on several occasions. He is the author of cult classic Streetfighting Chess and his love of the Dragon opening stretches back to his teenage years when he was looking to escape from 1.e4 e5! He is currently working on the second volume of DragonMasters.
DragonMasters volume 1 charts the history of the most exciting and dangerous opening known to chess: the Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defence.
Unlike almost all other books on the Dragon, the focus is not purely on theoretical developments. Instead, the author has combined the most historically important games, the famous players who chose to fight either side (sometimes both sides!) of the opening, and the most unexpected and interesting stories featuring the Dragon. World champions, contenders for the crown, codebreakers, revolutionaries in every sense of the word, all feature in this remarkable and entirely unique look into the history of an opening variation. As the ancient maps say: Here be Dragons! 404 pages Hardcover

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Gormally - Tournament Battle Plan

Books on how to improve your results over the board have been written before but in these changing times when chess has propelled onto the public consciousness, an update is badly needed. Grandmaster Daniel Gormally uses his 25+ years of experience to take the readers through the fires of the tournament cauldron, while illustrating some of his battles with the best players in England.
Along the way he tackles how to approach online play, an increasingly important issue as this form of chess has increased in popularity. Do you need a coach ? Will streamers relly help you to improve ? And should you turn off your computer ? Gormally emphasizes the importance of independent analysis in enabling the player to make progress and explains how he himself suffered in his results due to an over-reliance in chess engines.
And then there is the nitty gritty of tournament play itself. Gormally grapples with subjects that aren't covered in normal tournament books, from what hotels you should choose, to what kind of diet you need to follow, while also concluding that he lacks the awesome physical fitness of the Norwegian chess god Magnus Carlsen.
It all culminates in an explosive Hastings diary, where the author uses his acerbic wit to pull apart the vagaries of preparing for international competition in an account that verges on comic-tragic. 348 pages

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Kovacevic - Pawn Endgames Grandmaster endgames Collection I (Hardcover)

Through examples, Kovačević explains fundamental motifs in pawn endgames such as opposition, the square rule, triangulation, and more. Pawn endgames stand out for their exactness, demanding precise calculations with no room for error, as evident in the examples covered in the book. Each example provided in the book comes with comprehensive analysis, offering readers a resource they can rely on to master pawn endgames with minimal additional effort.

Kovačević’s breakdown of scenarios ensures that readers have a thorough understanding that will serve them up to the grandmaster level. 303 pages

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Semkov - Building a Reti Repertoire

The English Opening is very popular nowadays, but 1.c4 e5! is a serious challenge and not to everyone's taste. Here comes 1.Nf3, with the idea to transfer the game into the English with c2-c4 to follow. The only hurdle on that path is 1...d5. Then White is at a crossroads. 2.c4 allows 2...d4 3.b4, while 2.e3 is an attempt to deny ...d4. Black can revive the threat with 2...c5, and again, White has a choice. 3.c4 d4 4.b4! leads to the Blumenfeld with reversed colours. Or he can continue to fight against ...d4 with 3.b3. White's decisions on the second and third move depends on the way he wants to meet the Queen's Gambit and the Slav/Meran/Chebanenko. Semkov covers in detail the different options, and also devotes several chapters on 1.Nf3 d5 2.e3 Nf6 3.c4 c6 and 3...e6 4.b3! (avoiding the innocuous version of the QGA after 4.Nc3 dxc4). There is another chapter on 1.Nf3 d5 2.e3 Nf6 3.c4 dxc4, where the absence of Nc3 allows White to get some pressure by refraining from d2-d4. 244 pages

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Echiquier Noyer lettré/chiffré 48 cm

Exclusive 48 x 48 cm tournament chessboard, finished in walnut and sycamore marquetry, double lacquered, with alphanumeric description. The 50 x 50 mm fields are ideally suited to our Staunton number 5  chess pieces. 

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Van der Sterren - In black and white ( The chess autobiography of a world championship candidate)

In Black and White is probably the most honest autobiography ever published by a chess grandmaster. It covers Paul van der Sterren’s rise to the chess elite, but above all, his struggle to become a better player, his insecurities and the difficulties he encountered.

This book provides a hugely illuminating insight into the life of a chess professional, but there is a lot in his story that will resonate with players of any level. From his first moves on the chess board to his Candidates Match against Gata Kamsky, only four steps away from the World title – everything is described in great detail and with the utmost frankness by the Dutch grandmaster. The story doesn’t end there – the book’s final part describes the slow decline of an ageing pro and his eventual shift to meditation and mindfulness.

The Dutch edition of In Black and White, which contains more than 300 deeply analysed games and fragments, was published in 2011 and has achieved cult status. With this English translation, it will finally get a well-deserved wider audience.

Paul van der Sterren (1956) was a professional chess player for over twenty years. He won the Dutch Championship in 1985 and 1993 and played for the Dutch team at eight Olympiads. Van der Sterren lost to Gata Kamsky after a great fight in a Candidates Match in 1994. He has written several chess books, of which Fundamental Chess Openings (2009) is the best known. In Dutch, he has also written several books on mindfulness. 768 pages

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Van der Sterren - Mindful Chess

The Dutch Grandmaster Paul van der Sterren was a professional chess player for over twenty years. At the peak of his career, he qualified for the Candidate Matches for the World Championship - and was only four victories away from the World Title. In Mindful Chess, you will get his long and short answer to whether meditation or mindfulness will help your chess.

As a boy, Van der Sterren became fascinated by chess and became a gladiator at the chess board. To quote Theodore Roosevelt, he met with both victory and defeat, much joy and suffering. When, later in life, he discovered vipassana meditation, he met again with joy and suffering - and approached these issues with the same total devotion as he had brought to chess - thousands and thousands of hours on the cushion and studying Buddhist literature.

The reader will follow the two journeys through chess and meditation. And find answers to questions such as: What is chess? What is meditation? Who am I? What is I? Or will the answer elude you, is too much inexplainable and unknowable?

Paul van der Sterren (1956) was a professional chess player for over twenty years. At the peak of his career, the Dutch grandmaster qualified for the Candidate Matches for the World Championship – and was only four victories away from the World Title. He is the bestselling author of Fundamental Chess Openings (Gambit Publishers). In 2023 New In Chess will publish his books: Mindful Chess and In Black and White - a spiritual and a chess autobiography. 127 pages

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Willemze - What would you play? Test your Chess and Improve your decision-making

The best chess training closely resembles the activity you're training for. This book provides you with an essential component - decision-making in the crucial positions of a real game of chess, played by club players rather than grandmasters. You have to answer the same questions that you face when you stare at the chess board and have to find a move.
Amateur games can be very instructive. Studying the games of top players will undoubtedly help you to improve. However, it is often more enlightening to make decisions or see mistakes at a lower level, as they are easier for most of us to relate to.
Thomas Willemze has carefully selected thirty games that illustrate an important theme, for example:
- Dealing with irreversible moves
- Rerouting your rooks
- Aligning your bishop and pawns
- Converting a long-term advantage
- Taming the London
Willemze is a master at choosing just the right positions to help you improve your chess knowledge and understanding.
Thomas Willemze is an experienced chess trainer and International Master from the Netherlands. All thirty games in What Would You Play have been published in New In Chess magazine. Willemze has written five books for New In Chess, all of which are available as courses on Chessable. 230 pages

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Muller/Fishbein - Endgame Corner (450 Instructive endgame exercises)

There are already many endgame books, so why this one? Well, most books deal with elementary endgames, or are very advanced and contain few exercises. But you have only really learned something when you can execute it at the board, with the clock ticking. And solving exercises is very close to this scenario.
The authors present 450 endgame exercises designed to improve your understanding of endgame theory and sharpen your endgame expertise. Starting with the chapter “Specific Positions to Know,” they take you on a journey with just the right mix of practical advice and theoretical knowledge.
Endgame Corner is detailed, well-researched, informative and in-depth, with both authors sharing their experiences, recent games and new examples... I really like this material and hope that you will as well. If you are fascinated by endings, or feel the need to improve this part of your game, this book is a “must” addition to your library. – From the Foreword by Wesley So


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Nestorovic - Positional sacrifice in modern chess

Positional Sacrifice in Modern Chess (hardcover). A Word from the Authors : "The sequel, or the second part of the “Secrets of Positional Sacrifice” manual is titled “Positional Sacrifice in Modern Chess”. We assume that readers will conclude that the subject of our analysis are recently played games, especially the games played over the last few years. The book is intended for chess players who aspire to raise the level of positional play in this particular field of expertise, as well as coaches working on chess education. Like the previous book “Secrets of Positional Sacrifice”, the book in our hands is divided into chapters according to the material that is the subject of the sacrifice: the positional sacrifice of a pawn, exchange, piece, rook, and queen. Finally, the last chapter deals with “hot games” and contains six games played during November and December 2021. We believe that the book is as interesting and instructive as its prequel. However, the examples are a tad more complicated, primarily because of the positional rook sacrifice section. In actual fact, the examples on this kind were verydifficult to find in practice, and processing them in the right way was a particular challenge for us. The first section, the positional pawn sacrifice, should encourage the reader to execute one of the most complicated positional sacrifices in practice as often as possible. On the other hand, the sacrifice of exchange is the most common and easiest to apply and can very successfully serve as a means of relieving the fear of possible sacrifice of material. Asymmetric positions, i.e., positions with an unusual distribution of material, are mostly featured in the positional piece and queen sacrifice positions. In the last chapter entitled “Hot Games,” we present the analysis on the topics of various fascinating examples, from the latest games of today’s great players. We tried to choose the examples that were easy to follow, so they are embellished with diagrams and explained verbally as well. We paid more attention to the analysis of the positional sacrifice from the moment of its execution to the end of the game. Hence, the introductory part of each example may be somewhat shorter in relation to the first book. Finally, the invaluable exercises at the end of the book should be mentioned. The tasks cover four topics to make them as interesting and easy to solve as possible. The exercises are based on the correct assessment of asymmetric positions and, of course, on concrete calculations. In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that the book highlights the beauty of human ideas and their practical application. In some cases, the authors give preference to the human idea over the assessment of the computer. When a player cannot calculate complicated lines accurately, he should look for an alternative solution of the similar quality. One of the possible answers is the positional sacrifice that leads to asymmetric material and thus the change of the character of the fight. " Hardcover. 307 pages

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Quenehen - Progresser pas-à-pas avec Carlsen 2000-2023

Marc Quenehen, nous propose un voyage dans le temps en compagnie de Magnus Carlsen, qui démarre en 2000 lorsque Magnus à 9 ans et joue ses premiers tournois et se termine en 2023 et sa victoire en coupe du monde. En 24 chapitres (un par an), L'auteur à succès nous propose les meilleurs parties du champion mais aussi de nombreux  exercices. Un ouvrage à la fois pédagogique et un guide d'entraînement avec comme fil conducteur l'extraordinaire parcours de ce joueur d'exception. 181 pages

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Edouard - Mes années magiques avec Topalov

Romain Edouard a travaillé  comme secondant avec Topalov et ce durant 4 années, entre 2010 et 2014. De cette association, le GM français a voulu en tirer un livre, qui ne traite pas seulement de l'analyse de parties durant cette période, mais aussi tout le travail effectué, les nombreuses recherches,les coulisses...  lors de ses "magiques années" passées avec le grand joueur qu'est Veselin Topalov.

Ce livre est une édition française d'un ouvrage paru auparavant  (en 2019) en anglais.

272 pages

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Burgess - Le grand guide pratique du jeu d'échecs

Il s'agit de la version française du bouquin anglais,  Mammoth Book of Chess.

Un livre extrèmement dense, qui parle un peu de tout, ouvertures, tactique, finales, stratégie, jeu en ligne, ordinateurs.

Bien que tout à fait adapté à l'apprentissage des échecs, ce livre n'est pas destiné aux grands débutants. Pour autant, il n'est pas réservé aux supers forts joueurs. 

Plutôt à l'amateur éclairé, qui pourra s'y plonger à loisir pendant de longues années, même si il progresse.

Son auteur est loin d'être un inconnu, Graham Burgess a écrit plus d'une trentaine de livres en anglais.

587 pages

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Sac "Eat Sleep Chess"

bag, fibre, two long handles, for various purposes.
dimensions: 44 x 33 cm

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Pièces Pioneer

These Pioneer Staunton style chess pieces are value chess pieces. The set includes a very respectable 3.75 inch king (10 cm); an elegant & well finished design with unique features such as the grooved collars and a nicely weighted feel. Made from fine graded hardwoods and hand turned and polished, these pieces will provide many years of chess playing satisfaction. This set includes 4 queens.

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Engqvist - The Caro-Kann (The easy way)

An informative guide to understanding and implementing the fundamentals of the Caro-Kann, the easy way.

The Caro-Kann defence, named after the German chess players Horatio Caro and Marcus Kann, is notorious for its simple solidity and is a popular chess opening that players of all levels benefit from having in their arsenal. It is a firm favourite of grand masters past and present, including Karpov, Petrosian, Capablanca and Anand.

This is the fifth book from International Master Thomas Engqvist, and it avoids overcomplicated details and endless computer variations, focusing instead on key variations of the Caro-Kann that can be committed to memory. Examining classic games to demonstrate key moves in action, Engqvist brings the defence to life and provides you with the knowledge you need to put strategy into practice.330 pages

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Kotronias - The Safest Scandinavian Reloaded

A completely revised edition, which retains the structure of the first edition but is based on new analysis of all critical lines.

This book presents a Black repertoire based on the Scandinavian Defence with 3...Qd6. This is the safest yet aggressive queen retreat. It allows Black to increase pressure on d4 with ...0-0-0 or ...Rd8 while keeping coordination in the centre. Kotronias offers new plans for Black in the most topical lines. They are backed with deep analysis based on solid chess understanding.

As Kotronias puts in the introduction chapter:
"(...) Instead of reprinting the book, the publisher offered me to make a new, revised edition. It took me almost a year to analyse all the new developments and repertoire books that proposed dangerous new weapons against the Qd6 Scandinavian. Meanwhile the AI engines surged, with their original view on some positions. The result is a completely rewritten book, with major corrections, especially in its second half. The structure of variations remained the same, but I introduced many improvements in the subsequent play. I also added some games of mine from the last year." 300 pages

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Rogers - Oops I Resigned one more time!

Oops! He’s Back!
Australian Grandmaster Ian Rogers is back with a new book of silly resignation puzzles - the only chess puzzle book where your solution cannot be worse than the player who mistakenly abandoned the game!
Pit your wits against legends from yesteryear to today, from Anderssen to Korchnoi to Gelfand, knowing that they resigned their games unnecessarily and you, perhaps, could have found a way out.
Oops! I Resigned One More Time! is the sequel to Oops! I Resigned Again!, which has gained a cult following since its release in 2021. Marvel again at 100 extraordinary positions and the stories behind them, in themed sets of five, with sneaking a peek at the answers made easy. 175 pages

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Bordi/Libiszewski - 365 jours pour gagner aux échecs

Présenté sous forme de petit livre avec une  couverture dure, cet ouvrage vous propose, 365 pages/jours pour découvrir le monde merveilleux des échecs sous la  forme exercices, jeux divers, portraits, citations, anecdotes historiques, une sorte d'almanach. 367 pages

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Edouard - Le calcul aux échecs à la portée de tous

Romain Edouard, auteur de qualité et joueur de haut niveau, nous propose un ouvrage sur le calcul aux échecs, lorsqu'il s'agit de mettre votre adversaire échec et mat.

Au menu, 8 chapitres;  dans les trois premiers, des exercices tactiques standards, avant que les choses se compliquent. Au quatrième, il vous faudra enfermer le roi adverse, au cinquième, votre tâche sera de l'emporter en éliminant le défenseur clé, dans le sixième, c'est une double menace qui fera la différence, dans le huitième,  des sacrifices et enfin dans le huit et dernier chapitre on retrouvera quelques problèmes différents, un peu de tout. Il est conseillé d'utiliser le livre dans l'ordre chronologique, car la complexité des exercices s'accroît au fil de l'ouvrage. Au total 276 exercices. 130 pages.

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DVD fritz 19

DVD FRITZ 19 : WORLD CHESS SOFTWARE CHAMPION 2023. Attacker, coward, swindler or endgame wizard: I'll show you how to win against anyone! After my World Championship victories in 2022 and 2023, I am the reigning Chess Software World Champion and am now looking forward to showing you how to become even stronger against your opponent. With my innovative training method, I simulate typical player personalities you know from tournaments and online chess: brash attackers, cautious cowards, passive players. But how do you win against them? Fritz will show you how! And for beautiful attacks, combinations or sacrifices, there are the new ChessBase cards as a reward for you. Practical training that's also a lot of fun. Or let's train openings: you can try out a new repertoire ideas directly in a match against me. And how about the new calculation training for a quick Elo boost? As Fritz19 I can make you play better again.

- The ICGA World Champion Engine 2023
- Practical training: six fully realistic player personalities as sparring partners. Learn how to defend against the ferocious attackers, or how to open up the king position against position players!
- New opening training: Play against your own repertoire.
- Good play is rewarded: 150 different trophies to win. Including rankings.
- ChessBase cards: new digital chess collector cards rewards
- Improved calculation training for a quick Elo boost.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Minimum: Desktop PC or Notebook, 4 Threads, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10, DirectX 10 graphics card with 1 GB RAM, (DVD ROM drive), Internet access to activate the program, ChessBase Cloud and update. Recommended: PC Intel i7, i9 or Ryzen 7/9 , 8 GB RAM, Windows 11 or 10 with 64-Bit, Windows Media Player, graphic card with 1 GB RAM, RTX graphic card for real time Raytrace board and Internet access. For ChessBase ACCOUNT: Internet access and up-to-date browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari. Runs on Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linu

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Johnson - Perpetual Chess Improvement

Perpetual Chess Improvement : Practical Chess Advice from World-Class Players and Dedicated Amateurs, by Ben Johnson. In a world awash in educational chess content, knowing how to study the game most effectively can be challenging.

As the Perpetual Chess Podcast host, USCF Master Ben Johnson has spent hundreds of hours talking chess with many of the world’s top players and most accomplished trainers. In the popular Adult Improver Series, he has spoken with dozens of passionate amateurs who have elevated their games significantly while pursuing chess as a hobby.

Guests like former World Champion Viswanathan Anand and YouTube Stars IM Levy Rozman and GM Hikaru Nakamura have shared insights and told memorable stories. And Ben has learned just as much from the many dedicated amateurs who applied their considerable professional (non-chess) experience to their chess learning.

In Perpetual Chess Improvement, Ben looks for common ground and shared principles in all chess advice given on the podcast. Chess players do not always agree on the best improvement methods, so he even adjudicates a few disagreements! The book will show you the following:

  •     How to approach and study different aspects of the game, including openings, endgames, tactics, tournament games, and speed chess.
  •     How to find a chess coach and a like-minded chess community.
  •     How to properly utilize all the powerful chess study tools available.
  •     Instructive chess positions illustrate the topics discussed.

The guests shared a wealth of beautiful stories, and chess study advice on the Perpetual Chess Podcast. This book compiles the highlights and will help you make a holistic plan for your chess studies.

Ben Johnson is a USCF Master and accomplished chess coach. In 2016, he started the Perpetual Chess Podcast, the most successful chess podcast, with over five million downloads and streams in over a hundred different countries - and counting. Ben grew up in Philadelphia and lives in New Jersey with his family. Before dedicating his life to chess, he was a professional poker player and a stock trader.

245 pages

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