Algemene openingsboeken en repertoire

Algemene openingsboek en repertoire

Algemene openingsboeken en repertoire

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Benjamin - Chessboard combat

Chess students love a Puzzle Rush. And solving tactics puzzles certainly helps you improve your pattern recognition and will help you find good moves in tournament games. But there is a downside to most tactics puzzles — we always know who is supposed to win!

Chess in real life is different, not just because no one taps us on the shoulder and tells us to look for a tactic. Sometimes tactics work, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes your opponent has a few tricks up their sleeve, too.

This book shows the reality of chess tactics. It explores a chess player's challenges over the board: attack, defense, and counterattack! It exposes the actual give-and-take nature of chess tactics. 224 pages

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Negi - 1.e4 vs Minor Defences

1.e4 series provides a top-class repertoire against the Alekhine, Scandinavian, Pirc and Modern Defences, plus various offbeat alternatives Black may try.

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