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Botvinnik - Botvinnik versus Smyslov and Petrosian

a reprint of two iconic Botvinnik books combined in one. In this book, Botvinnik writes the story of the three clashes with his compatriot Vasily Smyslov, matches full of tension between two virtually equal opponents, and his match with Tigran Petrosian, which marks the end of an era: the mighty Botvinnik lost his world title fifteen years after he conquered the highest crown for the first time.

A unique look behind the scenes of World Championship Chess. 476 pages

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Keres - Match Tournament for the World Chess Championship The Hague-Moscow 1948 - 75TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION

This book is dedicated to the match-tournament of 1948, which gave rise to the first Soviet World Champion - Mikhail Botvinnik. The main content of the book is the detailed analysis of the fifty games played in this event. Detailed commentary to the games has been written for a very wide circle of qualified chessplayers, in which connection particular attention has been paid to the accessibility of the presentation and the appearance in the games of important turning points. The criticism of the mistakes committed by the participants could seem at times to be overly severe, but represents the fruits of painstaking analysis and should bring benefit to chessplayers who wish to draw the necessary theoretical and practical conclusions from the games of the match-tournament.It is very difficult, and often impossible, to claim absolute accuracy in chess analysis, but at any rate, I have endeavoured to fulfil my work with the maximum thoroughness.  257 pages Hardcover

Translator’s Foreword

It is exactly 75 years since one of the most significant events in chess history – the 1948 Match-Tournament for the World Chess Championship – took place in The Hague and Moscow. To mark this anniversary, my colleagues at Chess Informant have agreed to publish a new English translation of Paul Keres’ book on the tournament.

The original work has been extended to include historical context to the event – in this case, excerpts from the contemporary Soviet chess press and from the memoirs of Mikhail Botvinnik. Keres’ book on the event was first published in his native Estonian language in 1949. A year later it appeared in Russian translation and it came to be regarded as one of the best books on chess ever written. For instance, the likes of Garry Kasparov and Boris Gelfand are both on record as listing it among their favourites.

In this book, Keres’ annotations to the games have been faithfully reproduced. They have not been corrected by computer analysis; instead, they have been supplemented in some cases by the analysis of other masters – generally with that of the other players. In addition, historical context has occasionally been added in those cases where Keres’ assessments of certain openings have been overturned, or at least challenged, by many decades of tournament practice.

It has been a considerable pleasure to work on this project. Keres, as well as being an outstanding grandmaster, was also a superb analyst and annotator. His notes to the games represent a fine blend of general considerations and concrete variations; unlike in many books published today, the latter are never allowed to dominate. It is my sincere hope that the combination of these notes with the additional historical context will succeed in bringing Keres’ work to a new audience, and that this book will be a valuable addition to the libraries of chess enthusiasts of all abilities

Douglas Griffin

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Sadler/Giddins - Re - Engineering the chess-classic


Are you ready for new strategic insights about thirty-five of the most fascinating and complex chess games ever played by World Champions and other top grandmasters? Grandmaster Matthew Sadler and renowned chess writer Steve Giddins take a fresh look at some classic games ranging from Anderssen-Dufresne, played in 1852, to Botvinnik-Bronstein (1951) and Geller-Euwe (1953). They unleashed the collective power of Leela, Komodo and Stockfish to help us humans understand what happened in games of fan favourites such as Boris Spassky, Mikhail Tal, Bent Larsen and Bobby Fischer.
The first chess engines improved our appreciation of the classic games by pointing out the tactical mistakes in the original, contemporary game notes. But the expertise of Matthew Sadler is to uncover the positional course of a game with the help of the second generation of chess engines that emerged after 2018.
This book will change your perception of these games’ strategic and technical patterns. You will, for example, learn to appreciate and understand a classic Capablanca endgame. And a classic Petrosian exchange sacrifice. And a winning, and then losing, king-hunt endgame between Spassky and Tal. You will see how Larsen already understood the strength of the h-pawn march far before AlphaZero’s revelation. The engines offer new strategic ideas and plans that human players have yet to consider. Even the ‘the best ever anti- King’s Indian player’, Viktor Korchnoi, would be amazed by the engine’s unique ideas about White’s breakthroughs on the queenside.
The most instructive games are often those which are more strategic and technical. Using modern engines, the authors have re-engineered a wonderful collection of classic games, generating dozens of positional chess lessons that will help every club player and expert to improve their game.

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TOPALOV, GINCHEV - Topalov - Kramnik, Elista 2006

Tiens, une question amusante : parmi ceux qui achèteront ce livre, combien le feront pour les parties – et combien pour tout savoir sur le Toiletgate ? Ne soyons pas taquin, et bornons-nous à remarquer qu’en tous cas, personne ne l’achètera pour la qualité des photos… Plus sérieusement, les commentaires sont très complets (c’est bien le moins) et il y a tous les a-côtés possibles et imaginables. Manque juste le point de vue de Kramnik…
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BAREEV, LEVITOV - From London to Elista

Plus copieux (largement), plus dactualité (relativement) et plus échiquéen (évidemment), ce volumineux pavé vous fera revivre les trois matches de (ahem) championnat du monde disputés par Kramnik entre 2000 et 2006 : linoubliable (contre Kasparov), le crispant (contre Leko) et le regrettable (contre Topalov). Que voulez-vous, passer de Londres à Elista, cest forcément une régression Aux manettes, Evgeny Bareev, qui en plus de son standing était le secondant de Vlad lors des deux premiers affrontements.

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GERSHON, NOR - San Luis 2005

D’accord, il arrive sans doute un peu tard – la pétaudière d’Elista ayant passablement effacé les souvenirs, pourtant autrement exaltants, du triomphe argentin de Topalov. Mais on se doit tout de même de saluer ce beau travail israëlo-suédois – 442 pages grand format pour revivre les 56 parties du plus important tournoi des 10 dernières années, enrichies de nombreuses photos – plus, à titre de curiosité, la liste d’abréviations la plus courte de tous les temps. Je ne plaisante pas : elle est en page 4…
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TAL - Tal - Botvinnik 1960

Mikhail Tal's splendid account of his world championship match victory is one of the masterpieces of the golden age of annotation-before insights and feelings and flashes of genius were reduced to mere moves and Informant symbols. This is simply the best book written about a world championship match by a contestant. That shouldn't be a surprise because Tal was the finest writer to become world champion.-International Grandmaster and popular chess columnistAndy Soltis

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