Engels (1.c4)

Engels (1.c4)

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Ntirlis - Playing the English

The English Opening arises after 1.c4, and is a great practical weapon for players of all levels. White dictates the opening from the very first move, and often reaches positions where understanding themes and plans is more important than the latest computer-generated analysis.


Nikolaos Ntirlis has been Playing the English successfully for many years in high-level correspondence events, as well as teaching it to students ranging from club players to Grandmasters. While his analysis is first-rate, Ntirlis also understands the differing needs between correspondence and human play, and this repertoire is specifically tailored towards practical players.


Playing the English – A World-Class Repertoire provides a complete repertoire with 1.c4, showing how to meet every major option that Black may try. Each section of the book begins with an introduction outlining the main plans and concepts, so you will be equipped with both the strategic and theoretical knowledge needed to crush your opponents.


Nikolaos Ntirlis is an award-winning author, openings expert, and Correspondence IM. He has worked as an openings adviser to numerous GMs, including the Danish Olympiad team.

440 pages

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Gonzalez - The English defence

The English Defence (1 d4 e6 2 c4 b6) is a dynamic, counter-attacking line, initially investigated by English grandmasters. Black aims to set White difficult problems to solve at the very earliest stage of the game. Black’s play is provocative – aiming to lure White into establishing a big pawn centre. This is a risky strategy as White falls behind in development and Black switfly becomes very active. However, if White’s response is more circumspect then Black can often manoeuvre into favourable structures reminiscent of positions arising from the Nimzo-Indian Defence, the Queen’s Indian Defence or even the Dutch.

José González provides an excellent analysis of this complex opening and carves out a powerful repertoire for Black covering all lines after 1 d4. It is possible for White to avoid the "English battle" by playing either 2 Nf3 or even 2 e4 (a rare move for 1 d4 players but seen occasionally). Gonzalez champions an aggressive variant of the Dutch against 2 Nf3 and outlines a simple but effective French Defence repertoire to counter 2 e4.

  • A complete repertoire for Black to counter 1 d4.
  • The question and answer approach provides an excellent study method.  318 pages
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Semkov - Playing for a win with ... b6

Playing for a win with ...b6 by Semko Semkov. The author proposes a full repertoire against 1.d4 and 1.c4, which is theoretically sound and leads to sharp, strategically unbalanced positions. It is based on the so-called English Defence 1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6 or 1.c4 b6. A great deal of the book is devoted to White's tries to deviate from theoretical dispute and transfer the game into the Queen's Indian with g3.   236 pages

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MARIN - Grandmaster Repertoire : The English vol 1

Pour tous ceux à qui le Watson n'aurait pas suffi, ceci est le premier volume d'une série de je suppose trois, puisque ce très volumineux pavé ne traite que les lignes découlant de 1.c4 e5 (et encore pas toutes puisqu'il s'agit d'un répertoire blanc). Dans un avant-propos (plutôt une notice d'utilisation, en fait), l'auteur demande au lecteur de lire son opus intégralement dans l'ordre. Je me demande si quelqu'un aura le courage de suivre cette recommandation

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WATSON - Mastering the Chess Openings vol. 3

Troisième volume d'une série qu'on ne présente plus - volume assez différent des précédents, au demeurant, puisque consacré entièrement à la partie Anglaise (vieille spécialité du MI américain), et donc sensiblement plus détaillé que les deux premiers tomes qui ratissaient autrement large.
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