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Hier vindt u ons brede assortiment aan go boeken. Wij streven ernaar een internationaal go publiek te bereiken. Het overgrote deel van boeken is in het Engels geschreven.


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Bozulich - The Art of Settling Stones

During the opening stages of the game the players stake out positions and more or less divide the board. Normally each player wants to win and take just over 50% of the board. This usually involves a balance between safety and risk; that is, making a safe and non-invadable extension or an extension that is slightly farther and limits the opponent’s territory. The drawback of the latter is that the position now becomes invadable. This usually means that when an invasion takes place, the invading stones do not have enough space to make an extension that guarantees life. That, in turn, means the invader has to run away. However, running away is not always the best strategy as it is one-sided — that is, it allows your opponent to harass the run-away stones while securing territory and building influence. Often it is far better to make the beginnings of eye-shape — to breathe life into the invading stones — before running away. In other words, ‘to make sabaki.’ The numerous examples and 122 problems taken from professional games, will introduce the readers to all the techniques that may be required to achieve sabaki in almost any position that might arise in their games. 201 pages

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Toramaru - Joseki Revolution

In Joseki Revolution, Shibano focuses on local exchanges, in contrast to the predominantly whole-board focus on fuseki strategy of his previous book, Fuseki Revolution. Even so, Shibano's analysis always maintains a global view, as the basic nature of go is such that without whole-board judgement, there is no local judgement. Even when you are evaluating a joseki in a corner, a whole-board viewpoint is always essential.

Of particular interest in Joseki Revolution is his treatment of the taisha, the avalanche, and the magic-sword josekis. Shibano shows how, thanks to AI, these extremely complicated josekis have been "swamped in a wave of simplification."

In Chapter 3 Shibano discusses the merits and demerits of the four corner enclosures based on the 3-4 point. He investigates the reason why the small-knight enclosure has declined in popularity and why the previously shunned two-space enclosure has become so popular.

The book consists of 35 themes divided into four chapters as follows:

Chapter 1. Changes in basic josekis

Chapter 2. The transformation in opening strategies

Chapter 3. Up-to-date information about corner structures

Chapter 4. Looking at the most up-to-date josekis

In an appendix, Shibano examines some unconventional moyo-oriented fuseki strategies and gives some advice on how to handle these large-scale moyos. The appendix also contains a section on the revival of the high Chinese Opening and explains why this opening strategy is strategically sound.

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Noguchi - L'usage de la force

L'éditeur Praxéo qui s'est spécialisé dans l'édition de livres d'initiation et de perfectionnement des jeux de stratégie asiatiques notamment, nous propose un nouvel opus sur le jeu de go, L'Usage de la Force,  voici ci-dessous, le message de l'auteur Motoki Noguchi, 7-dan et quintuple champion de France

Le message de l'auteur

La force, essence du go, critère absolu de direction de jeu, révélée et déclinée par deux proverbes connus de tous : « Un coup urgent avant un gros coup » et « Jouer loin de la force ».

Dans ce cinquième opus, nous faisons de nouveau appel à Sensei et Ludo qui vous ont accompagnés dans Le langage des pierres et Tsumego. Ludo a progressé, il est motivé, il joue en club et en ligne. Malheureusement, son niveau stagne. Il faut dire que Ludo a des tas d’occupations, et pas assez de temps à consacrer au go pour affiner son jeu. Au Japon, on dirait que Ludo est un « gros paresseux » !

Pendant vingt ans de pédagogie en France, j’ai rencontré beaucoup de Ludo. C’est pourquoi je relève le défi de vous donner les clés pour développer un style simple et efficace.

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Power - Essential Go Proverb

Essential Go Proverbs is the ultimate guide to mastering the ancient game of go. Written by the author of Invincible, this book compiles a comprehensive collection of the most important go proverbs, distilled from centuries of wisdom and experience from the game's top players. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these proverbs will deepen your understanding of the game and improve your play. Each proverb is accompanied by detailed explanations and examples, making it easy to apply them to your own games. With Essential Go Proverbs, you'll develop a more intuitive sense of the game and learn how to make strategic decisions with confidence. This book is an indispensable resource for any go player looking to take their game to the next level.

What you will find in this book:

104 proverbs with 431 examples and 258 problems in 522 pages.

* These examples and problems will not only deepen your understanding of the proverbs but also the strategy and tactics of the game itself.

* 45 years in the making, this is the largest and most comprehensive collection of examples and problems focussed solely on the go proverbs ever published in any language.

* Not only does this book analyze the proverbs in detail, it also shows the relationship between one proverb to others.

* Contains many interesting and profoundly original games in which these proverbs were applied.

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Genbi - Gokyo Shumyo - Collection of classic Tesuji Problems

Goky Shumy is one of the most famous collections of go problems, containing 520 classic tesuji problems compiled and published by Hayashi Genbi in 1812. Its contents are divided into the categories of making life, capturing, ko, capturing races, connecting, oi-otoshi, cutting, and ladders.This English edition of Goky Shumy is the first of its kind. Until now, Western go players have had to rely on Asian editions of the book to peruse its contents. Besides adding English annotations for problemsolutions, this edition fixes dozens of mistakes in the source material and grades problems by their difficulty. The editor Antti Törmänen is himself a professional player with the Japan Go Federation.The problems in this book come from a wide range of difficulties, from 9-kyu all the way to professional level. The core audience of the book is dan players and players soon aiming to enter the dan ranks, but readers of almost all levels will find suitably challenging content in it. 312 pages

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Dickfeld - How strong is your go? Check your ranking in the game of go

This book is both test and training. It will not only help you to assess your skill level, but also to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the game of Go. In a total of eight chapters, you are asked to solve the exercises within a given time limit. With the help of the evaluation tables you will be able to determine where you are roughly located within the kyu and dan ranks. In addition to the classification into the rank ranges, your results will reflect in which areas you are particularly strong and where may still be room for improvement. 116 pages

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Ouweleen/Brouwer Weird and wonderful Volume 1

As go players we all study the game in our own way, be it leisurely or with near-scientific precision. We attempt to distill the moves and find their essence in recurring, understandable patterns. But every once in a while we are struck by a move we have never seen before. A move that is so out of the ordinary that we cannot help but marvel at it. A move to remember. This book is a collection of such moves: the weird and wonderful of go. The first volume bundles together highlights from professional games. Our main selection criterion was that the moves had to surprise: sometimes a move shone at us like an undiscovered gem and other times a sequence looked so bizarre that it made us laugh. Another prerequisite was that the moves were played by humans. Our aim for this book is to share the beauty of human creativity. 246 pages

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Weidong Xie - Le premier livre de go 2° Edition revue et augmentée

Seconde édition de cet excellent livre d'initiation au jeu de go, riche en exemples et en exercices. Les débutants pourront intégrer en douceur les principes et techniques du jeu et les autres joueurs pourront revoir et préciser leurs connaissances. Weidong Xie figure parmi les meilleurs joueurs de l'hexagone (5e Dan), il est aussi l'un des pédagogues les plus estimés, entraîneur du club de go de Paris et membre de la fédération française de go.

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BOZULICH - The Basics of Go Strategy

Aji, kikashi, et sabaki sont les concepts les plus importants du Go. Ils imprègnent le jeu de subtilités stratégiques inégalées dans n'importe quel autre jeu. Sans une réelle compréhension de ces concepts, aucun joueur de Go ne peut espérer atteindre un niveau élevé. A côté de ces concepts, il est également nécessaire de comprendre la place et la distribution des pierres et comment elles influencent d'autres parties du plateau, déterminant quelles pierres peuvent être sacrifiées, et quelles pierres doivent être renforcées avant de jouer des mouvements stratégiques à grande échelle. Composé de huit chapitres d'explication et de 100 problèmes accompagnés des solutions détaillées, ce livre donnera au lecteur le vrai sens de la beauté stratégique du Go.

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NOGUSHI - Tsumego, L'art du combat au jeu de go

Après 'Le langage des pierres', Motoki Noguchi propose un nouvel ouvrage pédagogique accessible à tous mais ambitieux : 'objectif premier dan'. 'Tsumego' aborde la théorie et la pratique autour de 14 thèmes théoriques, 165 tsumego et plus de 2000 diagrammes.

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ISHIGURE - In the Beginning, 152 p.

La collection Elementary Go Series est conçue pour offrir à des joueurs semi-débutants (c'est-à-dire ayant déjà lu et assimilé deux ou trois ouvrages généraux et un peu pratiqué le jeu) leur premier contact détaillé avec les grands aspects constitutifs du go: ouverture, joseki, tesuji, vie et mort, attaque et défense, fin de partie. Ce premier tome de la série n'est pas, malgré les apparences, le plus indiqué pour l'aborder, l'ouverture au go étant un sujet austère et assez difficile à appréhender sans une certaine d'expérience. Il s'agit en revanche d'un ouvrage auquel on pourra revenir avec profit même après avoir atteint un niveau respectable.

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