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Grabinsky/Oleksiyenko - Turbo-charge your tactics 1

Turbo-Charge Your Tactics 1 is essentially a chess puzzle book, but not a typical one. It’s a multi-year effort by GM Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko and his world-renowned trainer IM Vladimir Grabinsky to introduce you to the world of “unnatural” tactical moves.

Presenting examples of extreme beauty, no matter where they come from – be it online bullet or world-class grandmaster praxis – this book will cure your “selective blindness” by destroying the false notion of chess principles being a set of rules, instead of helpful guidelines. Most chess games are decided by tactics, so solving tactical puzzles is the most effective path to improvement. hardcover 328 pages

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Grabinsky/Eleksiyenko - Turbo-charge your tactics 2

Turbo-Charge Your Tactics 2 concludes a multi-year effort by GM Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko and world-renowned trainer IM Vladimir Grabinsky to create the perfect chess puzzle books. This second volume builds upon the first, using games from the World Champions and their challengers. Most chess games are decided by tactics, so solving tactical puzzles is the most effective path to improvement.

This book also contains a special chapter with expert guidance on how to use chess engines. The engines might analyse precisely but they can also harm our chess understanding if followed blindly, so we must know when and how to use them. 280 pages Hardcover

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Puzzle Conserver Heye

Glue to preserve and fix your puzzles. One tube can glue a 1000-piece puzzle.

Practical and effective.

Tube size: 3.5 x 12 cm

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Brain puzzle set of 6

Deze doos bevat een verzameling gemengde puzzels. Er zitten zowel houten puzzels met touwtjes als metalen puzzels in. Bovendien traint elk van de puzzels de belangrijkste hersenkwabben: geheugen, beweging, tastzin, zicht en coördinatie.

Benut je potentieel en train je hersenen!

Afmetingen doos 22 x 16,5 x 5 cm

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Puzzle JC' Lock

Een houten puzzel in de vorm van een hangslot. Het doel is om het te openen. Het probleem is dat er geen slot of sleutel is. De enige manier om het te openen is door je verstand en rationaliteit te gebruiken. Deze puzzel is gemaakt door Jean-Claude Constantin, al tientallen jaren een van de beste TC-ontwerpers ter wereld.

Verbeeldingskracht, geduld en creativiteit zullen je helpen om hem op te lossen!

afmetingen 19 x 12.5 x 3 cm

Moeilijkheidsgraad 4/5

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Puzzle Odyssey's Quest

Een houten puzzel waarin het de bedoeling is om de twee glijbanen te bevrijden. Maar dat wordt moeilijker dan verwacht!

CT ontworpen door Jean-Claude Constantin, de Koning van de puzzels!

afmetingen 23.5 x 9 x 3 cm

Moeilijkheidsgraad: 4.5/5

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Kartemat Brdigeformaat

Kaartmat in bridgeformaat, geleverd in een opbergtas voor eenvoudig transport en bescherming.

De mat is gemaakt van suède voor uitzonderlijk glijden en van rubber aan de achterkant voor een perfecte pasvorm op je tafel.

Afmetingen 78 x 78 cm, dikte 3 mm

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Carrom Mumbai

Carrom is a similar game to billard. Playing this game you need technical and strategical skills. At the beginning all playing pieces are put in the middle of the board in a certain position. Each player tries to sink his playing pieces in one of the holes. Therefore you snap the striker from the baseline using your finger. Your turn continues as long as you keep sinking your playing pieces. Winner is the one, who holes all playing pieces of his own colour first.

size : 88 x 88 cm

Content: 1 sliding powder for Carrom, 1 striker made of plastic, playing pieces, wooden game board
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Fernandez - Forgotten Talents (chessplayers lost in the labyrinth of life)

Throughout the history of chess, elite players have been studied, celebrated and adored. But there also been  players, while perhaps not regarded as world-class competitors, who had a precious gift, but who did not know (or could not find) the way to success. They were lost in the labyrinth of difficulties that life always places before every human being.

In the end, for various reasons, history forgot this select group of masters. For some, their careers were very bright (as in the cases of von Kolisch, Neumann and Charousek) but also extremely short, limiting their renown and depriving them of deserved laurels. For others, chess turned out to be excessively demanding for which their minds were unprepared. Finally, for a truly unfortunate few, tragedy – always an unwelcome guest – took over their lives and then took life itself from them.

An exceptionally researched historical work, these pages contain the stories of 23 players with a very unique way of understanding chess (sometimes ahead of their time) and who prioritized the artistic side of the game over the results: an approach that was not properly appreciated in their time.

Now, for the first time, Spanish author and chess historian Javier Cordero puts these Forgotten Talents in the limelight. Archival photos and almost 200 selected games nicely supplement the biographies of these star-crossed players who became Lost in the Labyrinth of Life. 288 pages

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Pervakov/Dvoretsky - Studies for Practical Players book 2 (Improving Important Endgame Concepts

This book – the sequel to Studies for Practical Players released over a decade ago – is mostly aimed at practical players who wish to improve their chess skills by developing imaginative and preventive thinking, while perfecting calculation of variations and knowledge of basic endings. In addition, this work will certainly be appreciated by every lover of beauty, logic and paradoxicality of the game. 176 pages

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cube Qiyi QiFa Square-1

Without doubt, one of the best difficulty/price ratios in cubes, the famous square-1, here in an old-fashioned sticker version.

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Training Mat - Infinite Mind

This carpet is the perfect complement to your speedcubing sessions.

It comes with a storage bag and supports for your chronograph.

Material used is like mousepad.

Size : 49x 30 cm

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Gan 14 Maglev 3x3

Latest version of GAN available with Maglev technology for maximum stability and fluidity.

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