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Chess Set Bauhaus

The Bauhaus chess set’s unique look catches the eye right away. It’s certainly one of the more artistic and modern-looking chess sets we’ve come across. And yet, its charm lies in its simplicity (and the very apparent supreme-quality craftsmanship of the set). The smooth, clean lines and interesting shapes of the chess pieces are somehow simultaneously modern and timeless. However, the Bauhaus chess set is more than meets the eye. The pieces are not only designed to be artistically striking but are actually inspired by the movement capabilities and value of each piece in the game.

The Bauhaus chess set would make a gorgeous statement piece in any room of the house. It also could be a special gift for anyone who loves both chess and that clean-lined Bauhaus design style. This set closely replicates the original Josef Hartwig Bauhaus chess set. We choose for this aesthetic set of pieces a chessboard black without edge of 45 cm.

€210.74 Price

Chess Set Stallion Ebonised

This premium chess set is composed by a set of pieces ebonised weighted and felted, size of the king is 88 mm, also included, a very nice board in wenge wood of 50 cm with square of 5 cm

€242.98 Price

Chess Set Stallion Red and Black Lacquered

This wonderful chess set will surprise you with the mix of old and new style. Chess pieces are in wood,  painted and lacquered also weighted and felted, size of the king is 88 mm. Chess board has been  made  in maple wood, size of the square is 5 cm, classic size.

€280.17 Price

Chess Set classic club walnut

This set of pieces are in acaciawood, each piece is felted and weighted. size is standard, 85 mm for the king.

Board is size club, each square is 5 cm and the complete size is 48 cm

This set is a superb value for chess lovers.

€119.01 Price

Set combinations Supreme Anjanwood

This wonderful set of pieces has been made with anjanwood (it's like rosewood), the pieces are handcrafted, felted and double weighted. 

A total of 34 pieces (2 extra queens). Size of king is 10.50 cm and diam. of 4.5 cm

The board is handmade in Italy and it is a very hight quality product. It is walnut burr wood, the light squares are crafted form the maple veneers and, complete with the high gloss finish. Chess board is 54 cm and each square is 5.5 cm

It is the perfect companion of the supreme set of pieces.

€595.04 Price

chess computer DGT Centaur


The beautifully designed chess board has touch sensors that effortlessly register your moves.

It has a rechargeable battery, e-Paper display, intuitive settings in many languages and weighted plastic chess pieces. The computer moves are indicated by unique circular LED lights.

Its greatest feature is the adaptive intelligent chess program that automatically adjusts itself to your playing strength so that you will always have a suitable playing partner.

Stop using computer screens, tablets or telephones and start playing chess with Centaur on a real board with real chess pieces. Simply turn it on and make your move! Centaur is always there to challenge you, to help develop your game and to keep you sharp!

Other chess computers are made to play at the highest strength. They are impossible to beat. At lower levels they play unnatural and unhuman. They are simply no fun to play against.

Centaur was made to give everyone a good game. Whether you are a beginner or a strong player, whether you are a home player or a club player, Centaur will adjust to you as soon as you make your first move. Its smart algorithm will automatically adjust to your level and always gives you a challenging game that is both educative and great fun! It has a hint system and the option to set up any position.

Centaur is not compatible to connect to your computer or online chess portals. That is not necessary at all, use the Centaur to play, to learn, to train, to analyze and to improve your skill level. Above all, use it to have fun!

King Height: 8.9cm /3.5"
Square Size: 4.8cm
Total Size: 40cm x 44.5cm

€351.24 Price

Comment mûrir son style 4ème Edition

Probablement le livre le plus important pour comprendre les échecs publiés ces dernières années. A consommer (lire et relire) sans modération.

€51.89 Price